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"Teahupo'o"(15mm) SOLD

"Teahupo'o"(15mm) SOLD

SKU: 011

"Teahupo'o" Mala

Size: 10mm-15mm

Amount: 105

Average Price: $80

Full Length: 48" 

Length Worn: 24" 

Authenticity: 100%

Lifetime Warranty: Included

Origin: South-Pacific French Polynesia  

Luster-Color: Various lighter to dark shades extremely subtle. Indoor-outdoor lighting.       

Upon purchasing black pearl bracelet, email confirmation willl be sent.


  • Precious in rarity revered in the fashion world as "EXTREME CLASS". Most people never even heard of French Polynesian Black Pearls. Ancient history revels French Polynesian black Pearls as posessing great super-power deep within. Defining it as ionized energy from the sea. Only one place in the world  black pearls can grow The South Pacific French-Polynesia islands Tahiti Moorea, and Bora-Bora. This small chain of islands create a nutrient-rich mineral-dense ecosystem the perfect environment for black pearls to grow. What makes Black Pearl Connection pearls super awesome! The all-natural charging method we designed special. Our black pearls go through a fullmoon equinox while being submerged in crystalized H20. There is a fascinating magnetic connection to our oceans around the world and the moons gravitational pull to the planets tides. Real energy is being harnessed. All jewelry designed uses a 1MM stainless steel thread. In order to handle dense weight in jewelry! 

  • Speaking direct to confirm jewelry piece and amount of black pearls you are sending and shipping instructions. Including deep cleaning, pollishing remastering jewelry as designed previously. Additional add-ons require seperate appointment Direct Support please contact: Email Facebook: Black Pearl Connection Instagram: @blackpearlconnection Call Direct: Cody Stiner (303)-968-9231

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