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BlackPearl Bracelet 9mm

BlackPearl Bracelet 9mm

SKU: 035

Black Pearl Bracelet 

Size: 9mm

Range: $250

Authenticity: 100%

Origin: South-Pacific French Polynesia

  • Black Pearl Connection specializing in hand-made tahitian black pearl jewelry for men. Pure ionized energy from the sea, Tahitian black pearls are extremely rare. Found opnly in one place on earth. The South-Pacific French Polynesian islands of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora-Bora.  

    Extremely high quality handcrafted to last. Our pieces feel a bit dense in weight we had to use 2mm stainless steel double wrapped through each pearl for longevity and durability. Our black pearls are 100% authentic and real. 

    We are tahitian family based in Denver Co. lets be honest buying jewelry online can be risky thats why you can see our family travels to Tahiti and Moorea, The family weddding in Moorea. Specializing in unique mala inspired guru necklaces. Insane detailing in every single piece made. Hundreds of hours spent in designing each piece. Pouring passion into hand-crafting tahitian black pearl jewelry. Bracelets designed loose fit. No clasp built to last. Schedule consiltation for wrist measurements upon purchasing jewelry.

    My name is Cody Stiner i will be emailing you personally to confirm measurments, and any other reccomandations. We can add or take off any pearls for best look and feel. I do have a personal profile please feel free to reach out anytiome with comments, quesations or concerns. We look forwartd to blessing your life with a very special piece of jewelry that will last you forever. 

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Black Pearl


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